The Dodge City Trail of Fame, Inc. is a walking tour of the Old Dodge City historic district. The trail is marked with sidewalk medallions and statuary to commemorate the many famous and infamous denizens of historic Dodge City. Additionally, many medallions are dedicated to notable movie and television stars who have portrayed famous Dodge Citians. Start your walking tour at the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau Information Center on Wyatt Earp Blvd near Boot Hill and Applebee's. Free personal tours with Special US Marshal Charlie Meade may be arranged for your group at any time. Call the marshal at: 620-253-9231 or contact the Dodge City Trail of Fame at 620-561-1925. The Trail depends on charitable donations to remain open and active. You can help with a tax deductible contribution!


Commemorative Ruger Revolver - Get Yours Now!

Our current fund raising drive includes sale of a numbered special edition Ruger Vaquero in Deep Blue with gold lettering and white grips. READ HERE! There will only be 50 of these commemorative revolvers and they are going fast.  Contact us ASAP to reserve yours! Trail of Fame Commemorative Ruger Vaquero Top of page

Doc Holliday Sculpture

The Dodge City Trail of Fame has commissioned a life sized sculpture of John Henry "Doc" Holliday to be installed in Dodge City's Historic Downtown! Artist Janet Zoble of Topeka Kansas has already begun renderings. To help finance the sculpture and we will be selling 14" tall miniatures of it for $1,500. Contact us to reserve yours now! The will go very quickly. Doc Holliday Sculpture

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